Hey you know what? Sometime players fuck up. Plain and simple.

Shouting out his wife and sidechick wasn’t even the biggest mistake he made in this interview. Of course his wife is gonna beat the shit out of him once he goes home, if he goes home, and his family is most likely gonna crumble apart now. Plus she’s about to take half of what he owns but that’s the least of his concerns. His wife probably knew about her anyway. Every pro athlete on Earth has a side chick. Wives know the baggage that comes with dating a millionaire athlete who can fuck any chick they want so they don’t bother acknowleding it. Ignorance is bliss.

His bigget mistake was he gave his side chick the title of girlfriend. HE CALLED HER THE G WORD! I’m no side chick having expert but that’s gotta be the biggest no-no in the book.

If you have a side chick then she’s the side chick. She’s there to fuck you on the side while your wife is getting her nails done or shopping at the mall. That’s her only purpose of being in your life.  I don’t even think you call her by her real name. Once she’s under agreement that she’s officially the side chick you sort of pretend side chick is a cute little nickname you gave her and call her that till you’re sick and tired of her. Cause when you slap any title on her then shit starts hitting the fan.

She starts expecting more from you like actual dates and meaningful conversation. The possiblity of her having your last name as her own slowly creeps into the back of her mind. She starts showing her face in public more out of confidence because you gave her a title. And before you know it you shoutout her out directly after shouting out your wife.

Having a side chick takes a lot of responsiblity. I feel like you have to approach it like you would walking through a field full of land mines. Attack each step you take carefully unless you’re gonna blow up and die. Mohammed Anas blew up and he’s now dead.

Congrats on the Man of the Match award though.