Just another example of why dogs are the greatest pets of all time. Dogs don’t even need another example either. What they’ve done to this point in time is enough to cement themselves as kings of the world. But like the true champions they are, they don’t take days off. They don’t want to allow other pets to get within a sniffing distance of them. Dogs will continuously work their tail off to prove their worth. You saw how they treated that bear. Bears are supposed to be the big bad animals of the forest but there was nothing big or bad about this one. These pups bullied that bear into submission. They treated this bear like he was Winnie The Pooh.

You ever see a cat put this type of effort into protecting the family? Hell no. A cat would have licked up your blood while the bear mauls you to death. Then when the bear runs away into the unknown they’d piss on your bones and take a nap inside your skull. Cats probably got bears, lions and all sorts of creatures that don’t belong in your backyard on speed dial, ready to attack at a moments notice. One second you’re napping. The next second a python is choking you out. Fuck Cats.