Well this is it folks. The unstoppable force has finally met the immovable object.  We’ve done it. Debate as officially been embraced. And boy is it everything I could have ever dreamt of plus more.

I thought we reached peak debate during the Skip vs Stephen A days on First Take. Having takes and debates hotter than theirs didn’t seem possible. It was like two volcanic eruptions on the sun everytime one of them opened their mouth. Viewers would burn to a crisp while enjoying some good, quality TV after hearing one of their takes. I’m actually pretty sure that was the reason ESPN ratings were going down across the board for a little while too. People weren’t switching to FS1 or watching other sports TV because ESPN’s content was bad. They couldn’t tune into more shows anymore because Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless killed them.

But the Skip vs Stephen A debates seem as cold as ice now compared to that 2:15 video of pure heat. LaVar Ball hopped on the show and started spewing fire like god damn Charizard. And off course Stephen A to spit some fire back. ‘The conversation used to be LeBron vs Jordan. Now it’s LaVar Ball vs Michael Jordan.” Oooooo I can feel the beads of sweet starting to form on my forehead right now and this was just a 2:15 clip. 2:15! Imagine if these two went at it every single day? It doesn’t have to be sports related either. They could debate their favorite colors or which pizza place is the best. Having them in the same room debating each other every single day would end in death. The world would heat up to temperatures never seen before and we’d all melt.