If you’re a teacher who cleary wants to fuck one of his students, maybe this isn’t the best way to approach it. If it were me I’d take a less aggressive strategy. I’d tell her that her grade can’t be rounded up from a 89.9 to a 90. Strict school policy. Then when she meets up after class days before grades close, begging and pleading and telling me she needs to A to get into medical school, I’ll let her know there is one way. Then badda bing, badda boom we fuck. It’s worked in every ‘professor fucks petite college teen hard’ porno I’ve seen so it’s gotta work in real life.

This guy though has been waiting for this day since he first laid his eyes on her. He was like a lion stalking a gazelle or antelope. When he finally had the opening he was waiting for he dove head first, literally. The confidence he displayed as he went for the bite was as confident someone could be. Pointing at his mouth after, letting her know what’s good seemed scripted. A situation like this definitely has played out in his mind over a billion times. When it was finally go time, he executed it perfectly. Or at least he thought he did. Her reaction of “did this old dude just fucking bite my pony tail?” tells a different story. Shooters gotta shot though.

There’s a very good chance this chick is actually like a junior in high school or something like that. And if that’s the case then this seems pretty fucked up right about now. Doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s also very good chance this teacher still wants to fuck this chick. There are some cool high school teachers and some creepy motherfuckers. My ‘creepy motherfucker’ radar is off the charts with this guy.