Adorable. Just fucking adorable. 11/10. This little pup needs to win the MVP of The North Cyprus Basketball league because no one would know the The North Cyprus Basketball League, which I’m still not sure is a real league by the way, exists.

People in North Cyprus probably don’t even know about this league. They see signs and posters adverstising the big game featuring the Cows and Sheep and they assume some freaky shit’s going down on the farm. People show up to this shack hoping to see Nelly the Cow and BaBa Black Sheep throw hooves or something wild but instead have to settle for basketball.

I know Europe has a lot of leagues for every sport because they have so many countries in one area, but c’mon… the North Cyprus Basketball league? How does that league get sanctioned? And who the fuck chooses to play in the North Cyprus Basketball League. It’s gotta be the worst league on Earth. If I played in it I’d be embarrased to admit it.

“Oh you play professional basketball that’s really cool, where at?” “Yeah… you know me. Mr. Ball is Life aha but..uhh the North Cypru..actually you know what, it’s more of a hobby you know?” There are mens leagues at the local YMCA that are more competitve and talented than the NCBL. If you play in this league and consider yourself a professional then the word professional means nothing anymore.