So that’s what we’re doing now in 2017? Human head transplants? No fucking thank you. I’m praying this doesn’t work. Yeah I said it. I hope that terminally ill dude from Russia who’s gonna have his head frozen then chopped dies instantly. And I hope that little Sergio Canavero who came up with this shitty idea dies too. We don’t need to start head transplants. That’s not how this is supposed to work. We’re supposed to live with the body we have and then die.

Yeah we figured out organ transplants are pretty successful and that’s dope. That medical procedure has saved millions. But we can’t get cocky now. We can’t as a planet decide transplanting a human head from one body to another is a smart thing. Cause this is gonna backfire on us. This little procedure is how zombies happen and I’ve seen enough movies and videos on Youtube to know that’s not an ideal situation to be in. Living with zombies roaming around is definetly not good. I’d prefer to have a world without those creatures trying to take a chunk out of my neck but that’s just me.