There are many things in life I quite don’t understand. Why isn’t there global WiFi? How do cell phone companies calculate data? Why isn’t cell phone data just unlimited? Really I could go on and on. But my number one wonder is why do taekwondoers break bricks and wood? I don’t get it. My understanding of taekwondo was you learn it for self defense. So if some guy runs up on you in the parking lot you roundhouse kick him in the temple. But all the brick crushing and wood breaking has had my mind in a preztal for years now.

Then this video comes out of a Bosnian taekwondo champion front flipping and smashing 111 bricks with his head and now I’m even more confused. Yeah I guess if I saw him doing this shit as a warm up to the fight I’d be a little worried cause this is a pyscho thing to do. But besides intimidation how does this move help out in a fight? Why do you need to have the ability to break 111 bricks with your head? You gonna hope I’m laying up the ground and you give me a flying head-butt like a WWF finisher? Get the fuck outta here. I’d play possum till he gets into position to pull off this absurd move, then hit him with the Stone Cold Stunner. This taekwondo champ would taekwonDONE in an instant.