Analog Watch Co., a company I had never heard of until today, just announced its $199 Companion Collection. This watch collection is completely custom, as it features leather straps coated in your individual pets’ fur. The page for the collection doesn’t disclose any details about the watch, so I assume you’re only interested if you want to wear your pet all day and are sold on that idea alone. 

Listen. I love my dog. I love my dog more than I love a lot of things in this world like the majority of my cousins. I’d do anything for my dog. Kill if I had to. And I hate thinking about it but when he eventually passes away I’ll be a mess for at least a year, if not longer. Probably longer. But if you think I’m making a watch band out of his fur then you are insane.

Dog fur on dogs is cool. Dog fur anywhere else fucking sucks. I have a yellow lab and that mother fucker sheds everywhere. His fur is like one of those never ending cloths magicians use. I could brush him and brush him over and over again till there’s literally no fur left on his body and he’d still shed all over the house. It doesn’t make sense. So to have his fur with me, shedding all over my clothes and everything else I’m around while he’s no where near me would drive me crazy. I get pissed off now when I’m at school and see some white dog fur on my clothes.

Plus the move to make a watch band out of dog fur in general is fucking weird. That’s just something you don’t do. Leave the fur apparal market to rabbits, foxes and other animals like that.


This company is taking pre-orders on April 1st, aka April Fools Day for those not keeping track at home, so there’s chance this is one big April Fools prank. I wouldn’t put it past white people do actually follow through with this concept though. We got some strange people out there.