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Back in high school I was taught how to answer college application letters. My teachers told me to be thoughtful, grammtically correct and make what I’m writing have some sort of meaning. Your application letter is supposed to stick out. It’s supposed to give colleges a reason to choose you over thousands of other students who have the same academic resume as you.

So Ziad Ahmed crushed that portion of his college application process. Answering #BlackLivesMatter a billion times when asked ‘what matters to you’ might be the perfect answer to anything. Especially in todays world too. There’s about an 82% chance I could win the 2020 Election by repeating that phrase over and over again. If you say Black Lives Matter people will go ballistic. They’ll either go on a retweet rampage on Twitter, showing support for the cause or transform into racist super villan with burning cross slowly emerging from the ground behind them. It’s insane. I’m a regular white dude and have never seen so much hate/love over a simple phrase. Shit, black lives matter too. It’s all good everyone.

My big problem with Ziad’s application was he never finished his answer. Let me type out the question again for you: what matters to you, and why? WHY?! He answered half of the fucking question! That right there should have voided his application. I’ve been half answering questions my whole life. And damn was I good at it. Probably top 10 in the nation at putting in minimal effort in school work if I’m being honest. All I got in return were bad grades, many missed recesses and my parents calling me ‘dissapointment’ instead of my name. Ziad does it on the biggest application of his life and gets into one of the best universities on Earth. Plus he got thousands of retweets and favorites on Twitter because of it. I wouldn’t be suprised if Ellen or Oprah decide to pay for this kids education now because of this. It’s unfair! Sad and unfair!