There’s no way on Earth Tim Tebow should be going oppo in his first minor league at bat. No fucking way. I saw Tebow take some cuts during Spring Training and guess what, he stinks! He’s a horrible baseball player. He shouldn’t even be out there right now. He is one of the worst baseball players of all time. PLUS he didn’t even know what to do after hitting a homerun. After cleary hitting a homerun, Tebow stood on 2nd base like an idiot while the ump was giving the home run signal right infront of his face. What baseball player does that? A bad baseball player, that’s who.

The only explanation for this homerun is Jesus. Jesus did this. Tebow carried that man on his back for years now. Sort of how Jesus carried the cross on his before being crucified and all that. They’ve gone everything together. Tebow would preach Jesus’s name. Jesus would repay him with a failed professional athlete attempt. Tebow would preach Jesus’s name again. Jesus would repay him with another failed professional athlete attempt. It’d go on and on as we all know.

Jesus finally decided it was time to return the favor once again so he allowed Tebow to go yard with the whole world watching. That other time was when Tebow tried being a quarterback in professional football. Remember he threw the ball about 7 yards on a slant route and Demaryius Thomas did everything else? Yeah that play. Man, those were the days.

Water into wine. Giving blind a man vision. Tebow into Bonds. That’s the Jesus factor. I’m gonna go read a bible or something now. Maybe hit up the local church too and pray a little. Easters soon.

Tebow 15:15 🙏🙏🙏