Yesterday when the news broke about Tebow going yard I said the only possible way that could have happened was Jesus. I was only about 35% joking about that. Honestly this whole fiasco felt like one big high school Make a Wish story where the manager with one arm or a severe disease gets to play and crushes it. I’m talking draining 3pt shot after 3pt shot or homering in their first at bat. Cool stories that make you feel all warm inside.

After seeing Tebow hit his first homerun off of the dude who was drafted 666th overall AND the Fireflies strength and conitioning coach, whose name just so happens to be Tanner Miracle, said Tebow would hit a homerun to left field in his first at-bat… I’m shook. I’ve never really been a big church guy.  Mainly because every cool thing that was said to be real as a kid like Santa Claus and Superheros were all one big lie. And you can only lie to a 7 year old so many times before they don’t believe you all together. So when you drop something like the God on me, it’s gonna be a tough sell. Trust issues man. We all got them.

But the 666th pick and Tanner fucking Miracle? I don’t even think Jesus had anything to do with it anymore either. God came out of retirement and set up this event for his boy Timothy. That’s the only logical solution to this. Jesus is strong and all but only God has that amount of power to make something like this happen.