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Sometimes people assume that toddlers do stuff because they don’t know any better. This video is proof that that theory is a complete lie. Toddlers act all cute and dumb, sucking their thumbs and goo-goo ga-gaing but they know exactly what’s going down. They play us like instruments.

When this kid put on his MVP shirt that morning, he knewĀ that day would be special. The famous Notre Dame saying “play like a champion today” echoed in his mind. Ā His family was meeting for I’m guessing lunch or dinner and that meant one thing to him: titties. It was tittie time baby and he seized the day like no other. He went in for thatĀ initial grab and immediately was in the drivers seat like Jeff Gordon. A few seconds went by and he needed a quick pit stop. Very normal for guys. Stamina is cleary an issue no matter if your 25 or 2. When it was timeĀ for another lap around the tittie track it was pedalĀ to the metal. Rubbins’ racin’ folks and this toddler was more than rubbin’. He was doing it all.

He was doing so much I’m about 70% sure heĀ found this chicks G-spot. You saw her reaction. She wanted to playfully laugh it off because a toddler was grabbing her tits, but deep down this little man had her wrapped around his little fingers. If he could speak he would have whispered to meet up at his crib in 10 minutes, then crawl off her lap. He’s got more game than any one of us combined.