Source (TMZ)

Khloe Kardashian says she’s DEFINITELY down to marry Tristan Thompson … even though he hasn’t exactly proposed yet.

“I would love to have a family,” Khloe told ES Magazine when asked about her relationship with the NBA star … “We’ve talked about it.”

When asked point-blank if she would accept a marriage proposal, Khloe responded, “Yes, I would.”

There’s more … in the interview, which appears in the April 12 edition of the mag, Khloe was also asked about starting a family with Thompson.

“He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father. I definitely want to be a mom. But I don’t put the pressure on it. It’s not like, ‘the clock is ticking.'”

Tristan has a 4-month-old son with another woman — but clearly, that doesn’t appear to be an issue for KK.

There’s been a lot of questions on lately about the race for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference for playoffs. Are the Celtics gonna get it? Are the Cavs gonna get it? If the Celtics get it, have they overthrown the Cavs in the East? Do the Cavs even need the #1 seed to make it to the finals?

Literally none of that matters now. Their season is done. It’s over. The Cavs can kiss going back-to-back goodbye. They’ll never win a championship this year and maybe ever again because Thompson got trapped in the Kardashian’s little spell. He ate the forbidden fruit and now it’s only a matter of time before his life implodes right before our eyes.

It’s gonna be sad watching this all unfold too. As a Cavs fan I loved watching Tristan play. He hustled his ass off on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. The guy never took a play off. Any rebound was gonna be his one way or another. He was the modern day Dennis Rodman on the court. Without him there’s no a championship in Cleveland.

Now he’s gonna turn into modern day Dennis Rodman. We’re gonna see Tristan sitting down on the street in five yeas, wearing a wedding dress with cocaine residue on his nose. The look on his face is gonna be one of a soldier who just got back from Vietnam while his whole body shakes uncontrollably. A pile of $1 bills and some already scratched scratch tickets will fill up his size 15 shoe donated from the generous bystanders who thought they walked past a homeless veteran. But actually, they walked past a former NBA Champion and multi-millionaire who had his life ruined by the Kardashians.

Those scratch tickets are losing scratch tickets by the way.

The Kardashian Kurse is real everybody.

Kim Kardashian fucked around with Ray J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, Miles Austin and currently Kanye.

Ray J made that one good song that one year, made the sextape with Kim that made the Kardashians even more famous and now there’s a good chance he’s dead. I haven’t heard his name in years.

Reggie Bush was a top pick in the draft and was on track for a successful NFL career. He took a sip of that Kim K juice and fell off a cliff. The guy averaged negative rushing yards last season. NEGATIVE RUSHING YARDS. I don’t give a fuck how long ago he dated Kim either. You date a Kardashian one year and another year you average negative rushing yards.

Kris Humphries was always that below average white dude on the Nets no one knew. Once he married Kim K for about 10 minutes and got divorced he… not much changed really. People were finally able to name the below average white dude on the Nets and that’s it.

Miles Austin, an undrafted free agent to a Pro Bowl receiver with the Dallas Cowboys. The guy was living the American Dream. Then he caught up with the Kardashians a little too much. A drop off in his on-field production and before Miles knew it, he was playing football in Cleveland for the Browns. And everyone knows once that happens your career is done.

Now Kanye… Kanye is a tricky one. Yeah he’s fucking insane now but TLOP was dope. It was one of his better projects in a while. Which doesn’t say much and maybe helps out my case that the Kardashian Kurse is real. His music started getting worse the more he fucked around with Kim. So to put TLOP against Yeezus is like comparing a Bob Ross painting to Helen Keller painting. Bob Ross painted gem after gem and rarely had a bad day on the canvas, but everyone has bad days. I’m not too sure Helen Keller could understand the concept of painting so I’m guessing all her paintings were complete trash. TLOP was very good and I enjoy it very much. Yeezus is a Helen Keller painting.

Khloe fucked around with Lamar Odom and James Harden.

Lamar went from a key piece to the Lakers championship run to snorting cocaine of keys in a Las Vegas brothel. The guy was as close to death as you can possibly be. His whole life fell apart because he fucked around with Khloe… and maybe a rought past too… but still definitely the Kardashians.

James Harden literally forgot how to play defense while dating Khloe. He was the worst defender in NBA history during his tenure with Khloe. There was a new vine after every single game of James putting in more effort not trying to play defense than he put in trying to play defense. Thankfully for him, he got out at the right time and saved his career. Now he’s a MVP candidate.

I rest my case.