This happens from time to time on Twitter. Someone will go through an athlete or celebrities old tweets and they’ll blow up on Twitter. Well KG’s tweets started appearing on the timeline so I decided to go through them and holy shit they’re unbelievable. He only used Twitter from March of 2013 to October of 2013 but that eight months of tweeting was vintage KG.

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This motherfucker tweets his own quotes and puts his name at the end of it. He’s truly the GOAT.

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He might actually be onto something here..

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Horford couldn’t guard KG back then. Horford couldn’t guard KG today. Horford can’t guard anyone period. He fucking stinks on defense. Everyone already knew that. KG just had to remind everyone.

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That’s how you know KG is First Team About that Life, he goes at other memebers on First Team About that Life. A prime KMart vs KG fight could sell out MSG in seconds.

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The KG vs Carmelo beef is top 5 in NBA history. It might be top 3. KG telling Melo that his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios was a first round KO. Then he pounded Melo’s face into a pulp on Twitter with tweet after tweet. As vintage as you could get with KG using social media. All he needed to do was tweet out that picture of him eating Cheerios and it’d be a wrap. Melo would have to retire from life.


I will admit with how great KG’s Twitter is.. it does give off a strange vibe. His first 100 or so tweets were straight up motivational quotes. I felt like I was reading a teenager girl’s Facebook feed after she broke with her boyfriend of 2 months. Very weird but hey, that’s just KG.

Now if TNT was smart they’d get KG to start tweeting again. Area 21 is cool and all but he’s filtered. There are things KG would love to say but can’t cause he’s on TV. Letting KG live tweet whatever came to mind would be must watch Internet. I think that’s how that phrase would work? Anyway, there’s a billion dollar idea TNT. Get it done and just shout me out on TV or something.