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Barely stepping into the throw and tossing a 35 yard dime? That’s an NFL type throw right there. You put Julio Jones on the end of that throw and maybe the Falcons don’t blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

Now to clear things up.. I’m not saying he could be an NFL QB but I’m not not saying it. Clearly he has the arm strength and accuracy to perform in the NFL. Plus the man Quavo played QB in high school. He has experience leading a team. Sure his team went 3-7 according to Max Preps but high school record doesn’t matter. That’s the past. I want my QB to worry about the present. In the present Quavo is killing it with Migos and is a perfect 100% on throwing a football 35 yards into a basketball hoop on camera. All I know is two things: numbers don’t lie and Blake Bortles would have somehow thrown a pick attempting this same pass.