That tweet from Bobby Marks was tweeted out the morning before the Trail Blazers final game of the season. Miss a three and lose $500K? My man Moe Harkless handled this situation perfectly.

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This guy probably had the math done out over and over again once he got close to that 35% mark. The smartest mathematicians in Portland were running the equations like a marathon, making sure Moe would take home that $500K. How many threes would he need to make, how many he could afford to miss. He had this down.

After he missed the initial three against the Jazz he knew he was done for the season. The three point shot was no longer in his gameplan. Moe was taking it back to the 1950s, before the three point line. Midrange and free throws only. And if he was open from three, his toe was hitting the line 100% of the time before he pulled up. Who could blame him either? If you have an opportunity to get an extra $500K you take that 500K every single time. With no questions asked either.

I guess dinners on me tonight 👌🏾 ahaha

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Bu… but Basketball is supposed to be sport where everyone’s competitve juices come out. Players are supposed to compete at all times and not worry about anything else. Plus the Trail Blazers were battling for a playoff spot. Winning over everything right?


I’d rather get 500K and not be swept by the Warriors in the first round than not have 500K and be swept by the Warriors in the first round. Money over everything.

But the Trail Blazers still made the playoffs with Moe protesting the three point shot so none of that shit matters anyways.