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Kelly Clarkson posted a sweet video of her daughter on Sunday, and the haters immediately criticized her choices.

The singer set off controversy by letting 2-year-old River Rose try Nutella, that sweet, sweet chocolatey goodness everyone loves. Well, almost everyone. “Stop eating Nutella,” one commenter said. “It’s been confirmed to give cancer.”

“Nutella is hella bad for you,” another person agreed. The criticism then goes from condescending to downright cruel. “Nutella is PACKED with sugars. Don’t make your kids blow up,” one troll wrote. Another even said, “Giving food like this to a child is child abuse.”

Last year, false reports claimed Nutella contained carcinogenic palm oil. However, manufacturer Ferraro clarified the hazelnut spread is a-okay to eat, no matter what Facebook headlines say.

Jaclyn London, R.D., Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute, agrees. “There is absolutely zero substantial evidence to suggest that Nutella increases cancer risk,” she says. “No single food product can increase your risk of chronic disease in isolation!”

Since Nutella does contain added sugar, London advises enjoying it in moderation. In this case, River tried the chocolate dessert for the first time — hence her little happy dance! — so she clearly recognizes it as a special treat.

“Enjoying indulgent foods together with family can be a part of a healthy diet and long-term relationship with food,” London says. “I love that Kelly shared this very fun and sweet moment.”

Personally I’ve never had Nutella so I can’t say if it’s actually good or not. What I’ve heard on the streets from every white chick aged 18-34 is Nutella is liiiife so I’m gonna take their word and say it’s the best thing on Earth. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s basically chocolate, and everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate is supposed to be one of the few things everyone can agree is great. But clearly that’s not the case because people are very mad and upset.

C’mon now… Nutella? That’s what we’re getting mad over? Nutella? How can people be mad over Nutella? Nutella! People are accusing Kelly Clarkson of child abuse over Nutella. I know being mad online over anything is the new, cool thing to do, but we’re talking about Nutella. A chocolate spread given to a 2-year old has gotten a reaction from adults. I feel like Allen Iverson right now but people are seriously mad online about motherfucking Nutella. We got people ready to throw Kelly Clarkson’s ass in jail because she gave a child Nutella.

The logic behind this outrage might be even crazier than the outrage itself.

“It’s been confirmed to give you cancer.”

If you dropped the cancer line say 15 years ago then I’d probably agree that Kelly Clarkson deserves to be tar and feathered. But it’s 2017. Using the cancer argument has zero substance anymore. Everything you could possibly think of has been confirmed to give someone cancer one way or another.

If you eat Oreos without milk there’s a 50/50 chance you die from breast cancer on spot, no matter if you’re a male or female. If you swallow a little tooth paste while brushing your teeth you will die from throat cancer. If you don’t send this text message to 15 other friends in the next 4 minutes you’ll get whole body cancer and die instantly.

Shoutout to Kelly Clarkson though for getting a few seconds of publicity. I forgot she existed but turnsout she’s still alive. Good for her!