LORAIN, Ohio — Lorain Municipal Judge Mark Mihok says it is a first: “It happened last week. We were having traffic court, so it was crowded … many people in and out on their traffic tickets,” said Judge Mihok.

Courtroom security cameras were rolling as 39-year-old Lemar Reed, of Lorain, walked up to enter a plea on a minor traffic violation.

That’s when Reed unknowingly dropped a bag of cocaine out of his baseball cap onto the floor.
It wasn’t until about an hour later when the courtroom security officer noticed the bag of drugs on the floor.

“He picked it up, looked at it, and saw a white powdery substance. We had it field tested by the Lorain Police Department and it tested positive for cocaine,” said Mihok.

Judge Mihok says his staff reviewed the security footage until they saw Reed’s drop.

A warrant was then immediately issued for his arrest.

“He was only here for a traffic ticket. He made a simple traffic ticket with only the penalty of a fine into a felony. So, not a good day for him,” said Judge Mihok.

Couldn’t embed the acutal news clip but here’s the raw footage. It happens around :15

TOUGH, TOUGH break for Lemar Reed right here. He goes into court like every other law abiding citizen to take care of a measly traffic ticket and ends up leaving the court room with a felony under his belt cause some coke fell outta his hat. I couldn’t imagine a situation in court playing out worse than that. Alright, maybe wrongfully being convicted for murder or rape might be a little worse than dropping a little cocaine while paying off what most likely was a $125 speeding ticket, but not by much.

Lemar had his whole day planned around that bag of cocaine. Once he finished up paying of that ticket, my man was ripping lines like Amy Schumer’s stand-up comedy baby! Lemar was ready to live it up! But he never got to experience that. He never got the high he’s been waiting for. Instead he got a felony because it took the security guard an hour to do his job. I feel like Lemar should have gotten off with a slap on the wrist because it took them that long to realize cocaine fell out of his hat. If you’re a security guard inside of a traffic violation court room and can’t realize cocaine fell from 15 feet away from you, then you shouldn’t be able to charge someone with a felony.

As for being wrongly convicted for murder or rape… lets break it down.

To start off you do some time behind bars. You’ll be sentenced at minimum 25 years for your “crimes” but will actually only serve 5-15. Yeah that sucks and is by far the worst part of this process, but eventually you’re released. At the end of the day you were still wrongfully convicted. The court fucked up and you’re free to go. Since the court fucked up, you sue and make millions off of them. The number of millions depends on how much time you’re in jail, so the more years the more zeros.

Once that’s all taken care of you hit up Barnes and Noble, write a book about what you went through and sell a lot of copies. Boom. Another billion dollars right there. TV shows like Ellen and Todays Show will pick up on your story, which you guessed it… more money in your pocket.

So by my math it’d be about 15 years to make a billion dollars. To put that into perspective, it took LeBron James 18 years until he got his first million. I’m not saying I’d like to be wrongfully convicted of murder or rape buuuuut it doesn’t sound so bad now huh?