Source (FOX News)

A McDonald’s customer in Arkansas accused of emptying his cup of water and filling it with soda now faces a robbery charge, police said Tuesday.

The restaurant manager said the suspect was one of three people who asked for water at the drive-thru window in Springdale. The customers parked and walked into the store before dumping out the water and pouring soda into the cups, KHBS/KHOG-TV reports.

The manager spotted the three and told them to return the soda. Only 18-year-old Cody Morris refused, police say.

The manager even ran out and tried to block Morris’ car from leaving, but the suspect reportedly drove his vehicle in reverse and hit the worker twice before speeding away.

Police arrested the driver after they said they found his car at a nearby bowling alley. It’s unclear whether he’ll face any additional charges aside from felony robbery.

Now it may be very clear but that manager fucking sucks. Right now in my eyes they are one of the worst humans alive, along side Kim Jung Un and Kevin Durant. I’m not even mad at them for trying to reprimand this stone cold soda robber.

What makes this manager a terrible person is I know for a fact they’ve used water cups for soda before. I know they have because everyone has done it before. Ordering a water cup and putting anything other than water in it is one of America’s greatest pastimes. We’ve been pulling off this heist ever since water cups became a thing. So to draw the line here and fuck up an 18-year olds day puts you right up there with single handily ruining the NBA by joining the Warriors.

And honestly, I don’t think managers or fast food businesses in general actually give a fuck about people using water cups for soda. They make so much money from the idiots paying real life money for drinks that the smart people using free water cups for soda doesn’t really matter. If the CEOs cared about this then water cups would either not exist anymore or would be the size of those little ketchup holders you get at minor league baseball games.